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Women’s Prison – December 19th

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Walking through the prison it was just tragic. Each cell was overcrowded and packed with ladies. It’s like 105 degrees here and even hotter inside their cement walls so they are just sweating hot. Roaches and bugs were crawling all over the walls and these women were in a very bad situation. Most of them are serving time from getting involved in trafficking with their husbands or boyfriends and now they are realizing horrible consequences. Living in a place not fit for animals.

We spent half the day with them and shared so many things. We do a theater act where by brother comes out frantically looking for something. My other brother comes out and asks him what he is looking for. He pauses and responds, that he is looking for his heart. He lost his heart. A slow song is playing and as he explain how he lost his heart my other brothers and sisters and I take a red scarf from his hand and make it disappear. Then my brother explains how the world can steal our heart, little bit by little bit till we have nothing left. But that God is a Father, who can take all our broken pieces and mend us together. The act ends in an upbeat dance choreography all six of us perform. (hard to write out, maybe someday I’ll get a chance to film it for you:)) Anyway, it really connected with the women and they were moved.

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