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Juvenile detention center – July 13th

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Here the acoustics were a real challenge and the echo made it hard, but we figured it out. Again we did two different groups of about 150 kids each. We always give out a bunch of candy as they first come in and its cool to see them light up like little kids and realize this is going to be fun.

We do a theatrical act where my brother is on stilts, dressed all in black. He is holding on to my sister who is wrapped up in  a black piece of fabric. As the hip hop song progresses, she unwinds as she says poetic lines about not letting shadows of her past, her situation or others keep her wrapped up. Once she unwinds the “shadow” (my brother on stilts), falls (which is very talented to do on stilts while wearing a long black cape;)). She finds the Scriptures (a cool book that lights up when you open it) and finds purpose. Once again, it is always hard for me to describe our acts to you without them sounding cheesy, but if you saw it, you’d get it:). It really connected with the kids and the applauded in the middle of it.

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