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Large mens prison, Emboscada, Paraguay – May 2nd

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This prison was about a two hour drive away, out in the country. The directer was so cool and allowed us to perform right in the main area so we were able to get the whole prison. As we started, there was some fire nearby that began to blow think smoke and ash into us. I thought we were going to have to leave but then as quickly as it started it stopped, and I thank God we could continue. Literally the entire crowd of 700 to 800 guys were so engaged and listening to everything.

I do a skit where I have words written out like, “Why” , “Why did this happen”, “Regret”, “The Past”, I drop the words on the ground in a pattern of a circle and I explain how thoughts about the past can keep us in a cycle of regret. We wander around and around in our mind as if lost in  a dark forest going in circles of the same thoughts about the past. We get nowhere and change nothing. Then I take new words out of a New Testament like, “You have a future”, “you are forgiven” and drop them on the ground in a line leading away from the circle. I explain how we need new thoughts to change our mind. If we would study the Scriptures, we would find answers and new thoughts that will lead us into a future.

It took a while to leave because everyone wanted to shake our hands, tell us their names and get some personal attention. It was a beautiful moment I will never forget. One guy gave me the beautiful rose made out of medal that he had made, Ill be keeping that forever:) When we were finally out, the directer, who had watched the whole show, said, “wow, my mouth is on the ground. I never imagined anything like that.” He was so grateful and had never seen the men so engaged.

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