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Women Prison, Paraguay – April 30th

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We had a very special evening at the women prison here. This prison was built to house 200 women and now holds over 500, so it is a very difficult situation for the women. I was able to get chairs so they could all sit close and they were so grateful and engaged in everything we did. I sing  a song about a wounded bird that flies again and I share how we are all in a sense, “a bird with a wounded wing” and in our broken state, the Father is by our side and lifts us up so we can fly again.

At the end of our performance my whole family and I do a dance to the song, “Time to say goodbye” by Andrea Bocelli. We use all the dance moves we have learned from the cultural dances of the countries we have visited. Afterward, we invite others to join in the dance. It was so beautiful to watch as gradually all the women came up to dance. Many were in tears when we left. One lady told me it was the first time she has been given a bible and would treasure and read it always.

Most of the women are in for drug related crimes, most often carrying drugs to make money to support their children. Some have been set up by their partners, like one young girl whose boyfriend asked her to hold his back pack, then took off. She had the back pack with her when the cops caught her and found drugs inside. She had no idea. The other day I read a story from the US about a women who drew a map fro someone that ended up being a drug route. She got a 16 year sentence! Its just tragic.


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