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Monday January 4th – City Center Public Event

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It is our desire to not only talk about the Fathers great love, but to show it through music, laughter and by weaving a message through dance and theater. Thats why besides  constantly walking the streets and sharing the Gospel to the multitudes down town, we also use a performance of music and dance that draws large crowds and allows us many opportunities to get invited into places we otherwise could not.

Maybe one thing we do will reach the 20 year old body builder guy who has not given God a second thought. Maybe one thing we say will reach the 60 year old Catholic women who is about to give up because life is so hard. Maybe something we do could reach the middle age business guy who has just been going to church on Sundays but knows God requires more.  If we can plant one new thought in someones heart, one thought that turns into an action and brings them to the Father,  then all this is worth it.

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