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Thursday December 24th – Christmas with the homeless

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On rainy days or during the weekends and holidays when the normal crowded streets are empty, it is really sad and eire to look up and down the sidewalks and see the homeless moving about like phantoms, trying to survive.
We met whole families living under the freeway bridges. Some people have complete “houses” set up under the freeways including pictures put up on the cement and a tv they saved from their house. Because of severe flooding, many were driven out of their homes and just took what they could before they lost it all. I don’t know if I have ever seen a city with so many homeless people living on the streets and I am so  grateful to the companies that donated products to help us out. It is an immense privilege to have things to give people in need.  A  lady that works at a little store on the corner  where we live saves any extra bread or fruit and gives it to us before they close at the end of the day. If its not enough we get some rice, beans or hot dogs to give a long with some nice rain ponchos and sanitary items.

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