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Sunday, January 10th – Market and street performer fair in Central Park,

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On Sundays there is a busy park we go to.  Pretty much everyone goes there so it is a great way to reach the whole city. We do many different theater acts and magic routines that contain simple but profound messages, like one about a little boy with a kite. The boy decides he wants to become important and to become important he has to grow up and give away his kite. After  he “becomes important” he realizes that he has changed and no longer cares about the many things that are truly important, like forgetting about himself and loving others. Eventually he realizes that the Father said, to be important, you must be a child. “the least is the greatest”. He finds the kite which was thrown away and decides to always be a child.  I love to see adults, truly enjoying something and even moved to tears by simple acts designed for children.

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