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Thursday, April 10th Tent City and down town Iqique Chile.

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Because of the severe earthquake in the city of Iqique, half the road was out so only one lane was passable, meaning cars coming and leaving had to take turns, 30 cars at a time. There were tents all over the city, some because they had lost their homes and some because they were too afraid to go back down to their homes.  We performed down town by the area that was hit the worst. It was really busy and a large crowd stopped and listened. Most people come here in the day to shop and work, and then at night go back up the hill to spend the night in a tent. One man told me how it was so hard for him to seek refuge since his wife was in a wheel chair and they lived on the side of a mountain.

After performing down town we then went back up the hill to the largest tent village and performed for the families there. The whole wall to the stadium had collapsed; there were helicopters landing and taking off and Red Cross, military and social workers all around. The parents explained how terrified their children were and that they saw the fear lift from their eyes through our presentation. That night there was a 6.2 after shock. After all the stories my heart really jumped.

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