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Tuesday December 22nd – Christmas in the Largest Prison

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We performed an event for Christmas inside a prison, for the children of the prisoners. It’s heart breaking to see their sadness as they come out from visiting their fathers or brothers and it was a privilege to bring them an escape and a little hope and laughter. We were able to give the kids little gift bags and toys. I gave this one boy a chess board and he was so grateful  treating it like I gave I’m the keys to a car. He said he would play with his dad when he came to visit him in prison, and teach his siblings to play at home.  Because these families are poor and live far away, they cannot afford to come and visit very often. Some prisoners NEVER get visitors because either they don’t have any family, or their families just can’t afford to come. One prisoner we met had been in for 7 years so far and not a single person had come to see him.  I understand why Jesus said, “…I was in prison, and you came to Me…”(Mt.25:35)

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