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A very poor school in a very poor area – December 3rd

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This school was only technically only 30 miles away from us, but it took us over two and a half hours because of the traffic and bad roads (Thats like the norm here). We almost turned back when we were about two miles away because the last stretch of road was so bad. IT was all mud, massive potholes and we were afraid we would damage our van. But since we had already come so far, we decided to take it real slow, walk ahead of the van and just crawl along. When we finally got there, it was a pretty chaotic scene. Kids were running all over, there were pigs and dogs walking through large heaps of trash, a ditch full of stagnate water and waste running along side and the school itself looked like a condemned building. The director told us that he really had no control over the kids and we were on our own to try to get things under control and organized. Oh Neat, thank you!

But as always, the Lord Jesus came under us and helped us with His grace and tender mercy. We took control and pretty much told the kids what to do and explained who we are and that we were going to do a cool show for them. They instantly showed us respect and attention and the director was really ashamed and humiliated that he had let things get so bad. ITs like so many of the people in charge at different places here have just given up completely. In part I understand, because things seem so hopeless and they themselves have difficult lives, but I have also seen how just a little portion of love and care, goes a really long way to changing and improving things.

Anyway, after some hard work and a lot of teaching and talking, we were able to have an awesome time with these kids and really make an impact in their lives. As well as making them laugh and doing magic and dance for them, we taught about a lot of tough issues like drugs, peer pressure, marriage, gangs and individually beginning to seek the Father and study the Scriptures. Many of them wrote us afterward to tell us how we changed them and we constantly stay in touch with some of them.

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