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Published and donating inspirational magazines to prisons – November

We created and published an inspirational magazine for prisoners, families and all who are suffering in these hard times. Due to all the closers and lockdowns, especially of correctional facilities, we invested in creating, printing and donating high quality magazines to locations across the US. The magazine provides hope, encouragement and mental stimulation to so many who are isolated and dealing with all the stress and fear associated with this virus. We also published two children’s books for the kids we work with and who are suffering. Contact us for information on how to receive the magazine or children’s books….

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Stay Home – March 19th –

IT is incredible how this Coronavirus hit so sudden out of nowhere and changed the whole world. Things are pretty crazy here in Brazil with everything being shut down, canceled, temporary hospitals being built in the parks, stores running out of everything and curfews in places. The prisons here have had escape attempts and riots when guys panicked knowing they would not be getting visitors. The conditions of the prisons are so bad and a lot of guys depend on their families bringing them food or soap. The borders are closed to most all surrounding countries and we are trying…

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Largest Women’s Prison in Brazil – March 9th

We performed here at the largest female prison in Brazil as the beginning of an event they had for the International Women’s Day. It was a very special event where the State Governor, Mayor, and press was invited. The head director also invited around 15 directors from other prisons in other cities to come and watch our performance. After the show, the response was overwhelming with requests to perform at these facilities. Some over 3 hours away. They brought together over 250 women and we have a beautiful time sharing so many things with them. It was also my mothers…

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Prison outside city – March 5th – Second Visit.

When we arrived to area where we perform, we were so surprised to see that the guys had decorated the area with these beautiful, calligraphy hand written posters welcoming us by name and thanking us. They had lights up, coffee for us and everything ready. All the guards were excited and they had media there to capture everything. Afterward they gave us each a beautiful hand made gift. It was a very special day.

Prison outside of city – February 28th

Had a beautiful time at this facility. The director is an incredible man who spent 45 years working in the prison system. He worked at a prison called, Carrindu, which is one of the most infamous prisons in the world, known for a horrible massacre. He is almost 80 years old and is more like a father than a warden. He opened the doors to us and brought out a large quantity of inmates. WE spent over 4 hours at the prison performing and sharing the depth of the Gospel with the men.

Down Town City Center – Weekday afternoons- February

The city center is so mobbed with people at most all hours of the day, especially lunch and evening when there are crowds just rushing about. WE get huge crowds of people from all walks of life and spend hours teaching the Gospel and ministering to so many people. We always bring food and care packages for the many homeless that are everywhere.

Trip to a Prison in Belo Horizante – February 24th

We took a bus 8 hours to the city of Belo Horizante. They asked us to visit a prison there and even though it was so far, it was a special case with a lot of guys and a special situation. Plus we were able to reach a gathering of over 2 million people down town and have an effect on the whole city. We slept on the bus there and back which saved us having to get a motel:) The guys at the prison were so touched that we came to them, some had remembered us from our last…

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Carnaval – Brazilian Cities – End of February

The Mardi Gras season here draws millions of people to the streets and we were out most every day all day reaching the crowds. We made these large beautiful banners with inspiring messages on them like, “Don’t Give Up, You are not alone, seek Jesus”. So many people that join the parties to try to escape their pain and fill the crack inside them but are so disappointed that its just nothing. The parties pass, and the sadness, pain and emptiness comes back. We reach them at this time with the the love of Jesus that beyond it all, He…

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Large Prison- Sao Paulo Brazil – February 13th- Double presentation.

We returned again to this prison to reach two more large groups of men in a small space. The space was so tight my dad took a bad fall of the stage, but thank God it was not too serious. The crammed in even more guys since word had gotten around after our first performance and a lot of guys asked to come. We do a beautiful dance of the caterpillar coming out of the cocoon and becoming a butterfly to a high energy trance song. IT really connected with the guys that they can start again. Change is possible,…

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Large Prison- Sao Paulo Brazil – February 11th- Double presentation.

This prison is one of the larger ones in the city of Sao Paulo, holding some 2,500 men. It is double capacity and each section is over 600 men. Because of recent fights and prison violence, we had to perform our show in a small area for 150 guys at a time. This situation was very difficult and taxing on us, but we were able to reach the majority of the population by doing multiply shows back to back. The head of security allowed them to cram the space full which was usually never done, and the guys were so…

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Preparing to go back to Brazil – January

We are now preparing to go take our return flight back to Brazil. We received an invitation to work in the prison system in one of the largest cities in the world, as well as to work with the secretary of education, so we are praying for the Father to grant us His grace, courage and strength to begin this next chapter and handle the many challenges we are about to face.

Southern States – January – Working in Schools and Correctional Facilities.

At a facility we visited around Christmas, we were allowed to give the guys candy. It’s funny, something I noticed right away was the way they all took it carefully and saved it. There were no wrappers on the ground after. And it hit me, these guys are in here for life! They want to spread out and save these three little pieces of candy. Can you wrap your head around life in prison?  Many guys who have substance abuse problems or battle addiction, end up in prison instead of getting treatment at facilities who are trained to help these issues….

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East Coast, New York, Philly – December – Working in Prisons, Homeless Shelters and on the Streets –

It seems like every time I visit New York, the number of men, women and families that are homeless has increased. It was just freezing when we were there, and some of these folks were literally shivering and shaking from the cold. I had a bunch of those Myler aluminum blankets as well as clothes and lunches and it was a blessing to touch as many as we could. Feels like a drop in the bucket when there are so many, but if each of us could do something to help someone, something little could be the first step to something bigger. We got to return…

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Chicago area, MI, IN – November / Homeless Shelters, Prisons, Veterans

We did a performance for war veterans that was really special. These guys have served our country and many suffered serious injuries as a result. Then after, the PTSD and mental anguish was too much, there was no help and so many ended up homeless or in prison. It is absolutely tragic. One older man named Mike, told me that shortly after he got back from Iraq, his wife died of cancer. He just couldn’t take the pain and so he robbed a bank hoping to get shot. He didn’t and ended up in prison, but just that thought is so tragic.  It was freezing…

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Idaho,Wyoming, Nebraska – October – Juvenile Detention Centers- Prisons and Schools-

When we were in the west, it was only October, but we got hit by a few serious snow storms. We already had confirmed dates at prisons in, so we did not want to cancel. We had a few close calls with icy roads, bad traffic accidents and issues with our vehicles caused by the cold, but in every case angels surrounded us.  At a few different prisons we visited, the facility went on lock down while we were inside. The Lord worked it for the good as it allowed us more time with the inmates and we could go even deeper into the…

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Midwest USA – September – Working with the homeless in Denver – Correctional Facilities and Schools-

In Colorado we worked down town Denver with the many homeless men and women who have to call the streets their home. We also worked in the universities there as well as in the prisons. At one of the largest correctional facilities in Colorado, we performed two shows in the yard. This was in the summer and it was so hot my dad got bad heat stroke and we almost were not able to stay for the second one. But the organize told us that the next group were all guys serving a life sentence and that they had been…

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Midwest USA – August – Correctional Facilities and Schools-

We returned to the US, and have been touring across the country performing in many correctional facilities, schools, universities and cities. We traveled over 10,000 miles from Idaho to New York, west, east, north, south and everywhere in between. The Lord Jesus has really been with us and given us grace and courage to face many difficult situations and take His love to the forgotten. We have been overwhelmed as so many correctional facilities wants at least two performances and it is tough to do back to backs 4 to 5 times a week. We have been running on nothing…

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Largest City Park – Sundays June/July

We have had some beautiful evenings performing in a huge city park down town. It is fenced off and around 5 miles long so it is kept clean and protected from violence. It is like a refuge that families go to to escape and have a good time. WE are able to reach families from all walks of light and all the surrounding favelas as well as invite people that we have met throughout our time here. WE have been working hard these last few weeks developing new acts and creating things that will really capture the attention of our…

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School on military base – June 19th

We performed at a school that was located on a military base, so we need special clearance to get in. It was not a military school, but just located there so the kids could have a safe place to escape the dangerous favela where they live. We performed at night because that is when the session was and it was cool in the cool of the evening, with the sun setting over the ocean directly in front of us. Our act with fire looks especially awesome at night;). As the students came in there was such a heavy sense of…

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Largest and oldest prison in Minas Gerias, Brazil – June 7th

The prison we visited on the last day of our trip, is the oldest and worst in the state. It is 75 years old and basically a crumbling, 5 story dungeon. We had to carry all our equipment across a muddy field to get to the area. The guard who was the head of security was really cool and got around ten inmates to help carry all our stuff. He wouldn’t let my sisters and I carry anything. They brought out around 200 men directly in front of us, and then there were 1500 men sitting with their legs through…

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Mens Prison in the outskirts of city, June 6th

Another prison has located way out in the country. It held 1800 men and we performed for around 400. We were not allowed to take photos in any of the prisons, and the ones that I have were taken by photographers and released to us. I don’t have any from the inside of this one but we spent a beautiful time with the men, around two hours. They delayed lunch so we did not have to cut short. At the end, we passed a mic and let the inmates ask questions and share some of their stories. 

Mens Prison, Betim Brazil – June 5th

This whole week we have had to be out the door by 6am and back really late, so its been some long days. This prison old 1800 men and is over capacity like the large majority of prisons are here in Brazil. The state of Minas Gerais, where we are now, has the second largest population of prisoners. At this prison, after getting through security a guard with a large angry dog led us to the center patio where we set up. We were surrounded by cells full of men al shouting and calling for attention. It was loud and…

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Prison in BH Brazil, two performances for different groups of inmates – June 4th

We drove about an hour from our hotel to a very forsaken city in the middle of nowhere. The last part of the road was dirt and steep hills. Then out of nowhere, a prison appears. Actually three prisons near each other. IT was awesome to pull up to the main gate and have the guard expecting you with all the documents in hand. So different from Rio where every prison visit was a massive fight. The main office had contacted us to ask us to do a tour here. Originally the requested we visit 20 units, but at the…

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Down Town Center – helping homeless – June 3rd-6th

Each day after we finished performing inside the scheduled prison, we took a break at the motel, got some lunch, and then headed back out to the down town city center. Since the prisons were early, we were still able to make it down town at the peak hours when the center was just packed with crowds. We had some beautiful times ministering to the crowds and people from all walks of life. Right near down town there is a huge favela so the crowds were very mixed with both rich, poor and middle class. There was also a large…

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Traveled to Belo Horizante – June 2nd

We were invited to visit the prisons in a city called, “Belo Horizante: ( Beautiful horizon) which is about 6 hours from Rio. The drive there was long and dangerous because the main road was closed so we had to take a pass over a steep mountain. Part way up, a heavy fog moved in and it was nearly zero visibility. We had to go really slow and the trip took around 9 hours. The next day we went down town to the center and spent the day ministering to the crowds and helping a lot of the homeless. IT…

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Large University in Sao Gonclvs – May 30th

It took us three hours to get to this university, and three hours back because of the horrible traffic:) Add four hours at the school, talking non stop, and you have a long day;) But a day well spent and well used. There were around 500 students, from 12 to 25 and we were able to hold their attention and teach so anythings. Here at this school they had three cases of suicide last month and the teachers are desperate for help. I don’t know if I have ever lived in a city that is just drowning in despair as…

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Juvenile Detention Center- May 24th

We have worked extensively in all of the juvenile detention centers here in the city. It is always a very long day and a lot of work, but well worth it! Here we did two performance, each with over 100 young men and around 40 workers, guards and teachers. Since the young men are apart of rival gangs, peer pressure is strong and we have to work really hard to get through to them and teach them. We do a piece of theater where we get a volunteer to act as if he is going to run drugs for a…

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2 School same day/ Most dangerous favela – May22nd

Today we split up and did two school at opposite ends of the city:) I went to this one and it was around 300, older students. We had a phenomenal time teaching these kids so many things. MY genius brother built this ball that had a microphone inside it so we can toss it to the students and they can ask questions. It is a really cool way to interact with them and here they asked such good questions about life, their purpose and how to really start to seek God.

2 School same day/Across the bridge – May22nd

We have been receiving so many requests from directors and teachers that we have had to split up and go three and three or two and two to some schools. It takes a lot of work to handle crowds of around 500 to 600 students and pull off a good show, but so far, it has ben fantastic! We have to modify some stuff and we defiantly get super exhausted with the transporting of all our equipment, set up , break down and then keeping everything smooth but we are able to reach so many young people in all corners…

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Large High School – May 6th

This school was in one of the worst areas we have yet seen here in Brazil. Just mud, trash, pigs, shacks and gangs all around. It all shouted one word, “Hopelessness”. IT ended up being my favorite school so far! There were around 350 teens, ages 14 to 20 and they were just locked on every word we shared. WE ended up doing a long performances of over two hours then staying another 2 hours just talking one on one and with small groups. All the teens were asking the most important and relevant questions about life, purpose, how to…

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Ran A race benefiting the handicapped – May 5th

We all ran a cool race here that benefited the handicapped and people in wheel chairs. It was called “Wings for Life”, and the motto is “Running for those who can’t yet”. All the runners leave, then 30 min after a car leaves behind you, gradually picking up its speed. When it catches you, thats your finish line! We all did good despite the insane heat. My awesome super mom took first in her age category!!!!!

School For younger children in dangerous area – April 30th

The Director of the prison that we have been working in asked us if we could put on a performance for the children in the school where his wife teaches. They were younger grades than we normally go to, but were all very precious, obedient and respectful. All 250 would be dead quite when we asked them to, (but unbelievable loud when they were cheering or enjoying the magi;)). We put on our play that envelopes, my brother on stilts, a giant frog costume, a dwarf, a treasure chest which holds a light up book, (used to teach about the…

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Two performances at large School, 800 students total- April -25th

We were able to reach the whole school here by doing one performance in the morning, and one after lunch, making for a nice short ten hour day;);) Despeite our initial impression, the students were all very respectful, grateful and into everything we did. When we did our, “leadership challenge”, which is when we bring kids up on stage to read quotes and role play in different scenarios, at first no-one volunteered. There was just so much peer pressure. Then one brave girl walked to the front and was a beautiful example of how to be an individual. After her,…

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Easter Event in lagre Favela – April 21st

So this was a really cool event! The guy who set it up, randomly saw a flyer of a previous event we did on the status of a friend of his. He asked, basically begged, us to come and perform at the easter party he was trying to organize. His name is Rodgerio, and he is a motorcycle taxi driver who lives in the favela. We nicknamed him “Batman”, because he is a one man show trying to do a lot of good in a very dark city. He is poor as well, but was able to get a lot…

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Easter event in the largest Favela – April 20th

Getting to this event was one big (dangerous, terrifying, crazy, whole life flash before your eyes…) adventure:) It was high up in the largest favela here, one that houses over 100,000 people. Its where they filmed the most recent “Hulk” movie and they running on the roofs:)) But anyway, a lady I met who lives at the top organized and event for easter. We could not drive up up the crazy doctor seus type hill:). So we had to walk all our equipment up. It was actually harder than I first thought when I assured my dad it would be…

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Orphanage – April 13th

We had a beautiful morning putting on an Easter party at an orphanage. We had a magic show, an easter egg hunt and of course, an easter bunny;) The children were so precious and excited. Nothing brings out the kid in you like looking for easter eggs;)! IT was such a privilege to touch their little hearts and minds with the love of the Father. We had a beautiful morning putting on an Easter party at an orphanage. We had a magic show, an easter egg hunt and of course, an easter bunny;) The children were so precious and excited….

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Serious flood – April 7th-10th

We got hit with a bad rain storm where it poured non stop for three days. There was bad flooding in most everywhere and the city was in a state of emergency. There were mudslides and people were killed, very tragic. Where we are staying there is only one road in and one road out and that one road turned into a river, so we were trapped for a few days. Eventually the locals got a flatbed truck to work as a shuttle and shuttle people in and out. Also the rivers, where the aligatores live, overflowed so we stopped…

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Large Mens Prison, 4th visit, new group – April 5th

The directer packed the room with over 500 men who had not yet seen us and had been asking for us. Today all the water and the power was out in the whole prison so therefore, a very bad situation was even worse. Everyone was down and more depressed than normal. It is lake magic to see the spirit of the Father be with us and help us bring hope and joy to such a hopeless place. We do magic, theater and comedy acts, and to watch the men slowly get a spark of hope back in their eyes is…

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School with 800 teens – April 3rd

This was our second visit to this school. The first time we reached the younger kids in the afternoon and the teachers asked us to please come back and perform for the older students, (15 to 20). The teacher told us that so many of them were being lost to the gangs, violence, and drug trafficking. She asked to please help. It was hard work to keep so many teens at attention and focused but the result was incredible. We do a section where we choose three students to hold play in a scenario we set up. A few of…

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Large Mens Prison- 3rd Visit

Each time we visit we reach new sections of the 4,000 men prison. When we walk by all the cells, it is so sad to see the men way back in there, no windows, no air, no light just crammed in and barely hanging on. We always try to bring candy, things to read and pictures to put up on their walls. On the way in and out we stop and talk to the men who didn’t get to come. My mother has a beautiful voice and when she sings a beautiful song that she wrote in our presentation, everyone…

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Revisit to large High school

It was really cool coming back to this school! The kids were so excited to see us and had been constantly messaging us to return. But more than anything it was so beautiful to see there attitudes and eagerness to learn and grasp our message. They all asked meaningful questions about life, where to read in the Scriptures, how to talk to Jesus and how to find their purpose.

School in Northern City

My sister performs a beautiful, high class ballet dance where she walks out wrapped in a long black cloth. She slowly unwinds while reciting a poem about reaching for our dreams and not letting anything keep us “wound up”. Our own fear, past or others can keep us wound up and stop us from reaching our dreams. But when we forget ourselves, and begin to love others, we become free of ourselves, free to dance. It is very moving and the kids cheer and scream when they see her unwind.

Large Mens Prison

It has been a constant fight to gain the needed permission to work in the prisons of Brazil. I have attended probably 20 something meetings, written many emails, phone calls and texts to get in. And each time we start again. IT is a fight against bureaucracy , corruption and just a general attitude of no-one caring about the inmates. The conditions they suffer are inhumane, and the animals in the zoo that is just out side the gate have better living areas (not exaggerating). This prison is double capacity and the men only get to leave their insanely crowded…

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Large School in city 3 hours away – March 20th

When we arrived the directer told us they were only going to bring 200 kids, instead of the 600 they had originally sad. They were afraid that things would get out of control with that many kids together:) (what would make them think that:)) Anyway, we explained that we drove 3 hours, and had to carry our 1000 pounds of equipment up three flights of stairs and that we needed them to bring everyone. We assured them we would keep order. So they did:). It was a challenge, but the Lord Jesus was greatly with us and gave us grace…

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School for Entrepreneurs in a Northern city – March 18th

This was a much different experience from the previous school. Here the students came out to greet us and were very attentive and respectful. There were around 200 of them and the teachers brought chairs and had everything very ordered (which was really nice for a change:))! On one of the sides of the boxes we arranged we have a picture of a path and when the 9 boxes are scrambled, it creates a large puzzle. We let teams of four compete to assemble the puzzle and use it as a way to teach teamwork and leadership (plus its a…

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Mens Prison – March 15th

We performed inside one of the largest mens prisons in this city. It was built for 1,800 men, and currently holds 4,000 prisoners. We performed for about 400 at a time and will continuously work in this prison. The conditions are just horrible. Part way into our performance, it started pouring, and the roof leaked horribly. So water was just pouring in from everywhere. The prisoners worked hard to rearrange everything, help us move our equipment and then get barrels to catch the water while pushing the floods away. We were able to continue and eventually it let up but…

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Caught in a flood – March 4th

The other day we were leaving the center when a severe storm hit. Within one hour the entire city center was flooded and the streets were like rivers. It was hard to find a way out since road after road turned into a lake and cars were stalling everywhere. We had to walk ahead to see how deep the water was in some places. At a certain part over a mountain pass, the water was just pouring down from a favela like a waterfall and the road was quickly becoming very dangerous. Im not gonna lie, I was a bit…

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Mardi Gras Crowds – March

Mardi Gras season has been just massive with parties drawing up to two million people. As I mentioned in a previous post, as well as our performance, we also have these large beautiful banners we hold in crowds that have inspiring messages on them like, “To anyone who is hurting, Don’t give up, find the Fathers love for you in Jesus ” . This is very effective in reaching the masses and the response has been amazing. One of our banners says, “Sometimes a happy face hides a heart of sorrow. God knows your pain, talk to Him”. So many…

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Trip to São Paulo – End of February

We took a trip to São Paulo and had a very effective trip. This city is so large, with a micro center of over 12 million people. We talked to so many both individuals and huge crowds. We also spent some time helping the homeless. There were so many homeless it was just tragic. So many stories. We made up lunch packages that we kept with us throughout the day, it made for very heavy back packs, but some really blessed beautiful people. There is a market down town in the center that is just mobbed with shoppers. The best…

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Performing on the Boardwalk- Weekends, January – March

One day we had a large crowd and my dad was sharing about how fragile life is and that we have to seize today to draw near to the Father. Suddenly,  a helicopter comes in real low and the guy sitting in the door of it starts waving his hand like to move. We realize that we are performing in the area where helicopters land (whoops!) and so we are hurrying to move. There wasn’t time so the helicopter landed on the beach next to us. A guy had gotten swept in the undertow of the waves while swimming and…

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Visiting outskirt cities – January- March

This city is so huge that there are a lot of sub cities in the surrounding areas that are also large and just packed with people and crowds, so we have been visiting many these as well. Sometimes we take busses out or rent a car so we can split up and reach places. Over this carnival season we have been taking tips to take advantage of the large crowds and people being on vacation in a lot of cities. The Lord Jesus has given us His grace and strength to keep an intense pace of back to back ministry…

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Working in Favelas – February – April

It has been really an incredible experience working up in the favelas. All the way up steep mountains there are “house” if you can call them that and the roads up to them are so steep that only these dirt bike can make it up them. So the people all line up to take a motorcycle taxi to their house. One evening I was up in one with my brother, talking to the people as they made their way home and it was just amazing to see people from all walks of life, politicians, teachers, government workers, athletes, all making…

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Performing on the Boardwalk- Weekends, January – March

There is this area, not far from where we are staying where there is a boardwalk near the beach.  The people come down from the favelas and far areas to walk the boardwalk and enjoy the ocean. Besides the risk of having our sound equipment near the salt water (which we wrap in plastic to try to protect), It is and ideal place to reach people of all walks of life in this area and from up in the favelas where we could never get to otherwise.

Event on a stage for a catholic community – January 12th

We had an opportunity to perform on a big stage for a large crowd in a real poor community. We were the main event so we had a two hour time slot which allowed us to perform many of our acts and share many things. It was families and people of all walks of life. There was a group of immigrants from Venezuela that the community had taken in so we made sure to speak in Spanish as well so they got everything.  We recently developed a new theatrical act to a high energy song that conveys the prodigal son…

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Christmas event at a Military Prison – December 23rd

No pictures were allowed here so the picture is from a previous event: We had originally visited this prison months ago, and all the men asked us to come back on this day so we could perform for their wives and children. I talked about this prison in a past post and about the complicated job that the military has here of trying to deal with all the gang wars and violence. Sometimes they get framed and set up for things that are out of their control (lot to get into now, but things are very complicated here with the…

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Government event in Poor area – December 22nd in the evening

We did a cool event last night, later in the evening in a city way in the middle of nowhere. When we first arrived the park was dead, but as we turned on our music and started, crowds came and we shared a beautiful evening with these families. The mayor and governor of the city came as well and were very grateful that we could give them this. They had to hire military swat police to guard the park during our event since this area is so dangerous. The mayor told me that these families have absolutely nothing and have…

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Community event at a catholic parish – December 22nd

Just four of us put on this event because the other half of the family is trying to find us a place to live:) When we first arrived no one had showed up yet and we didn’t know how it was going to turn out. But bit by bit a lot of people ended up showing up and we did a great show for them, finishing it with our Christmas play of the birth of Christ. Afterward so many individuals came up thanking us and sharing their stories. One lady was so sweet, she had four kids and she said…

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Hospital/Prison December 20th

We had visited this prison months ago and the directer asked us to return on this day because he said we really made a difference to the men. Today was their Christmas visiting day so there families were there as well. Most of these men had the mentality of a child and so we kept everything very simple and just gave them seeds of hope and the Fathers love. They really loved to dance:) A number of the guys remembered us from last time and were so excited to see us again and said they had been waiting for us…

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Women’s Prison – December 19th

Walking through the prison it was just tragic. Each cell was overcrowded and packed with ladies. It’s like 105 degrees here and even hotter inside their cement walls so they are just sweating hot. Roaches and bugs were crawling all over the walls and these women were in a very bad situation. Most of them are serving time from getting involved in trafficking with their husbands or boyfriends and now they are realizing horrible consequences. Living in a place not fit for animals. We spent half the day with them and shared so many things. We do a theater act where by brother comes out frantically looking…

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Mens Prison – December 17th

Pictures were not allowed here, but the prison was located behind the area you see in the picture. In this prison the guys told us that they only get the water on three times a day and have to hurry to get a drink and wash. Since it is so hot and overcrowded, sometimes guys don’t get their turn before it goes off again. They said because of the heat, their food often spoils before it is brought to them and they go without eating. Capoeira (which is a martial art that combines fighting and dancing) is very big here since…

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Community Christmas Event – December 16th

There were around 400 families here and the acoustics were crazy:) We had to set up our stuff under this low bridge and got some bumped heads but no big deal. For these families this was their Christmas and they were very grateful for all we did and gave them. Plus the catholic church that was putting it on gave them a full chicken dinner! We shared so many beautiful things with them as well as making them laugh and doing a lot of magic!

Community Event on Island – December 15th

This last month many of the sub cities and communities put on events where they invite poor families to come and give them a gift and food. (Sometimes they have a santa claus and sometimes santa ends up being one of my brothers or me in a frog costume in a sonata coat :)) After we were invited to one of these events, word spread about the Americans with a cool free show and we soon had five more. The people putting on these events (often a Catholic Parish) do not have a lot of resources or help so we end up helping organize the events, set them up,…

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A very poor school in a very poor area – December 3rd

This school was only technically only 30 miles away from us, but it took us over two and a half hours because of the traffic and bad roads (Thats like the norm here). We almost turned back when we were about two miles away because the last stretch of road was so bad. IT was all mud, massive potholes and we were afraid we would damage our van. But since we had already come so far, we decided to take it real slow, walk ahead of the van and just crawl along. When we finally got there, it was a…

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Dance Event in a Theater – December 2nd

We got a request to perform at ballet/hip hop dance show in a theater that was located at the foot of a really dangerous slum. They were having a Christmas celebration for all the dancers and we got to close the event. The little ballerinas were so sweet and it broke my heart when a little girl, no more than five, starts telling me about the shooting outside her house last night and how afraid she was. They want to know if it is safer in America and if we ever are afraid there. The dance instructor told us that…

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Walking through villages – December

Often as we travel to and from different schools, prisons and events, we take time after to walk through the surrounding area and go door to door. In certain places we can’t drive in and there is no real center, so to reach the people we just spread out and walk to reach the “houses” (not that you can call them houses) and share the Gospel with them. Sometimes we give them little gifts, toys for their children, bibles and things to read, but mostly we give the the good news of the Father who sent His Son Jesus to…

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Large School – November 26th

It was raining when we left and we were concerned the roads would be too flooded, but we proceeded cautiously and it was ok. When we got to the school, chaos would be the word to some up the scene waiting for us:) Literally kids running everywhere, zero discipline, teachers who had completely given up and barely greeted us…so yeah, cool:)! Anyway, we set up, got organized and kind of just took control of the situation. Around 500 very loud, hyper, unruly kids and teens poured into the gym and the caustics were horrible. My brother grabbed the microphone and…

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Event with the Brazilian Army – November 24th

We received a request from the Brazilian army to perform at an event they put on for the people in a very poor area. They provide health care, job services, food ecs and they asked us to put on the show. There were around 5,000 people there throughout the day and it took a lot of work to get it all organized. But it went really well and we were able to reach a lot of people who live in the middle of nowhere, as well as many soldiers from the army. Part way thorough our performance, a commander came…

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Large School – November 22nd Happy Thanksgiving:)

This school was about a two hour drive in bad traffic. The directer who set up this event, had seen us perform at a different school months ago and really wanted us to come to this school. We were greeted by a bunch of excited students and teachers and they helped us carry our equipment to the gym. Originally they had told us it was going to be younger kids, under 13, but it ended up being 15 to 20 year olds which is usually more of a challenge:) The Lord Jesus was with us and gave us the wisdom…

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Event for the homeless at a Catholic Parish – November 18th

We performed an event for the homeless at a Catholic Parish. They provided a meal for around 150 families that came and went throughout the day, and we performed a show of magic, dance and theater. I love to make them laugh in all their sadness and then plant a seed of hope that even though they have nothing, they can find a place in Jesus, a man who was also homeless.

Packing and preparing to return to Brazil – November

The fall went so quickly I can’t believe it. The time flew, but in another sense, it seemed like five years. I feel like I have learned so many things and touched a deeper level of the Fathers profound love. So now here we are, once again packing and getting ready to head back to Brazil. We already have a lot of events scheduled there for Christmas and after, so we are definitely going to hit the ground running. Our first event, which is three days after we land,  is for a large group of homeless at a Catholic Parish….

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Prison in New York City

It took a lot of time and work but we were finally able to confirm events in a prison in New York City. It was a very cold morning and the wind off the water made it freezing. It took a while to get all of our clearances before we could cross the bridge onto the island. This prison in considered one of the worst in the nation and high security. The prisons are hard core guys, most of them apart of gangs. One of the men, when he came in was annoyed and had no idea what was going…

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State Prison – Mid October

We had organized this event months in advanced and the organizer printed out a flyer and posted it around the prison so all the man were anticipating our arrival and excited for our visit. They set up a big backdrop stage in the gym, with bleachers for all the men to sit on. Many guards and staff members attended as well. The prisoners with life sentences who had been given privileges because of good conduct, had videos cameras and film gear. They filmed our performance so that the whole prison could see our show and hear our message, around 1,500…

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New York City – Helping the homeless/ Working in schools – Mid October

My brother met the lady who is in the photo. It was actually her birthday and she felt completely invisible and unnoticed. We had some of the coats left that we had picked up after the Chicago marathon, and my brother gave her a really nice one, along with lunch and some money. She broke down in tears so grateful. I met a man living on the streets who had a strong accent. Who I asked him where he was from, he told me he had no idea. He was brought over to the US, and then ended up in…

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Chicago – Working with the homeless – Early October

We had the idea after the Chicago marathon, to pick up all the coats and sweatshirts that the runners had discarded. It was raining so they were soaked and we took them home to was them, dry them and then gave them out to the homeless throughout the city. They were so grateful to get a coat or sweatshirt of such high quality, since most of this stuff was on brand athletic gear:). I met a homeless man in a wheel chair named Punchy. He had been through so much in his life it would be a really long story…

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Grand Rapids – September

In one of the prisons we were were working, we were not scheduled to perform till the evening, so we took a day trip to visit Grand Rapids, the city where my dad grew up. We got to visit his house, grade school and high school, all the places he used to go, the park and also his mothers grave. I never had the privilege of meeting Rose,  my dads mom, she died of cancer when my dad was 20, but I am grateful to her for giving me my dad:) It was special to see so many places that my…

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Michigan – Working in State Prisons – End of September

We had an incredible opportunity to work in state prisons in Michigan. It is very difficult to get authorization to work with the department of corrections in the US because of high security protocols and bureaucracy. So we were very grateful for this opportunity and that by the grace and power of God we were invited in. The man in charge who organized everything was awesome and extremely competent. He actually had gone to CMU, the same university as my dad. We performed for level 4, level 2, and level one guys, many who were serving a life sentence. They…

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Chicago – Cook County Jail – Mid September

We had a number of performances scheduled at the Cook County jail, but a high profile case started at the same time and our events had to be postponed. We were disappointed but got the chance to meet with some of the people in charge who were really cool and we hope to work together in the years to come. Nearby the jail there here a few high schools in a real bad part of Chicago. These kids constantly have to deal with gang violence, poverty and the influence of drugs. We spent time with the kids, playing, taking and…

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Working in Denver – September

We spent time down town Denver helping the homeless. In each city we visit we make up lunch kits and care packages that we give to the beautiful men and women who have come on hard times and ended up homeless. So many stories. I was also able to make a good contact with the head of some of the prisons in Colorado and we hope to be able to work with them in the future.  

Notre Dame – Go Irish :)!

We were ministering in South Bend and got the chance to visit the university and see all the special places that meant so much to my dad back when he was 20. It was in the Notre Dame football stadium, looking out at touch down Jesus, where he gave his life to the lord, and here we are 40 years later! Very special.

Atlanta – Schools, Streets and with the homeless- Late August

We visited some of the universities and schools in Atlanta as well as down town. I met a beautiful family that was homeless. A mom, her sister and four small children. They were so open to the Gospel and grateful that someone would talk to them and care about them. I got them a pizza and some fries which made the little boys so happy:). The oldest boy was only 9 but so eager to help his mom and take care of his siblings. I held the little one for a bit to give the mom a break and he…

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Military Police Event – Aug 18th

This was an event of over 10,000 people who were all apart of the military police or family members of them. It was an honor to be invited and we had a large crowd that kept changing over for hours. We were able to reach so many people, many of whom had seen us working in the favelas and at other events. These people are constantly in danger and their lives are at risk, so we were grateful for the opportunity to reach them with the love of the Father and the hope of the Gospel .  

Military Police Prison, Brazil – Aug17th

We were not allowed to take any pictures here and the security in was tight. There were about 200 men in the prison and we reached them all at the same time. They all looked liked cops out of a tv show, cool, tough and together. They were a bit wary of us when we started and had no idea what to expect, but after we got started the realize we sincerely wanted to help them and encourage them and they completely opened to us and let us in. They are all still currently cops, but had committed a crime…

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Down Town Centers in surrounding cities, Central Brazil – June, July, August

Besides all of the many events we have been performing at, we also constantly go down town to the city centers. Because Rio is so huge, there are at least 10 areas where it is just packed for lunch and dinner. We are able to reach people from all walks of life and all the surrounding areas. There is a ferry that crosses the channel that everyone uses every day to get to and from work. 2000 people get off and on every 20 minutes. So if we are in that plaza for a few hours, we reach a lot…

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International Marathon, Brazil – Aug19th

We got the chance to run in a half marathon race of 20,000 people! It was really cool and we were able to talk to so many before and after it. Many of the runners recognize us from doing events in their schools, community centers and other places. My brother ran the whole race with a banner that said, “Don’t Give Up. Talk TO Jesus”. Many told him how much those words picked them up during the race. My other brother who did not run in the marathon, set up our speakers to play music for and cheer for the…

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Hospital/Prison, Brazil – Aug16th

This was a very special event. It was a prison/hospital for people with mental disabilities who had committed crimes. The director was a kind, tender man who treated the patience as his children not as criminals. Most of the men had the mentality of children and were very simple so we kept everything we did simple and clear. It was visiting day today so some of the prisoners families were able to watch the show as well and we were able to help bring healing to them. In one magic/dance routine we do, I an act as a child playing…

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Community Event in Favela – Aug 15th

This event was in a community center at the bottom of a huge, very dangerous favela. The organizer invited multiply schools, foundations and comities to one area for us. Around 700 people showed up and it was very loud:) The kids and families came from very poor backgrounds and were so grateful to get a special, high quality show for free. They loved the magic and too many were quick to volunteer:) When I mad my bunny appear, literally the whole crowd screamed:) It was cool. Many of the kids knew Capoeira and were excited to see or fire/Capoeira act….

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Down Town School – Aug 14th

This school took  some work because the kids had no discipline. You can always see the teachers reflected in the students and in this case, to be honest, the teachers had pretty much given up and cared very little about the kids. After some time and work, the kids came to respect us and listen attentively which was really cool to see. We have large posters we use to teach different points and we used a poster that explains the metamorphosis of a butterfly after we did our dance of a caterpillar becoming a butterfly. WE taught the kids how no…

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Local Family Park – Aug 11th

Today was my parents 39th wedding anniversary and thus a very special day for my family. Of course the wanted to spend it giving to others, just like they have done all their lives. My brothers and sisters and I did a special dance in their honor and gave them flowers. It was a special day. We touched so many people as the crowd kept changing over. Young, old, rich and poor we are all the same, children who need our Father.

Community event in a Slum, Brazil – Aug 10th

We had to make it up a reeeaalllyyyy steep Doctor Seus type hill to get to this one (later realized this hill was the last straw in a damaged hose we had in our van. My brother found the problem and repaired it or it could have been serious). To get to the spot we had to ask to gang leaders with machine guns if we could pass. They were really cool, grateful and helped us out. It is just amazing to see how so many people, I mean millions of people, live every day. They have to hike up…

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High School in a Ghetto, Brazil- Aug 7th

It was pouring in the morning and we had to leave at 6am to get to the school by 9. We were afraid the roads would flood out and considered canceling, but after texting the school workers we decided to go and they told us they had a covered area where we could perform. This school was soon far in the middle of nowhere, when we pulled up I thought it was abandoned and we were at the wrong address, but it was right and all the kids were waiting for us. The streets around it were just covered in…

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Local Family Park – Aug 5th

This park is right near where we live and super busy on weekends! It is a really good spot to reach people from all walk of life as they enjoy a day at the park. We have a wide range of acts that we do from acts with puppets and costumes to get the kids, to Capoeira, Tae Kwon Do, Hip hop for the young people, and then songs, cultural dance, and theater for the older people. Of course everyone loves magic:)! In each act we have different messages that we weave through about love, family values, forgetting our past,…

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Community Event with the Military Police, Brazil – July 28th

So this event started out as…how do you say…COMPLETE CHAOS! 🙂 Tuns of people , burning hot sun, no space to set up, ecs. We found an area where we could do a small scale show and it worked out:)! These people were very poor and it meant the world to them that we would be there. The event was organized by a cop in the military police who was very grateful we came (and didn’t bale when everything was going south:)). So many beautiful people came up at the end to talk and to tell us their stories. We…

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Event for the children of the Military Police – July 27th

For my birthday my sister gave me a rabbit. Its a special breed that is super furry and super cute:) I made a magic trick out of a box, some felt, elastic and a drum stick that I use to make the bunny appear (I made the trick for about 10$ compared to a few hundred it would have cost). I have a volunteer blow up a balloon, draw a rabbit on it then put the ballon in the box. They then pop the balloon and Abracadabra, there is a live rabbit:)!! Literally every time I do it there is…

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Event in Brazilian Ghetto – Sunday, July 22

Maybe you have heard of or seen the movie, “City of God” about one of the worst Favelas in Brazil. Normally it is very dangerous to go in or out but we got the opportunity to work with a group who had permission from the gang to put on a party there. It was an incredible experience. There were massive piles of trash on the roads leading to it which they deliberately put there to keep the police out, so we couldn’t drive in but had to walk and carry all our equipment and props in to the Favela. As…

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Community Event in Central Favela, Sao Joao, Brazil – Saturday July 21st

This was a special event at a park in a favela. The lady who organized it invited different small foundations and schools for disabled, special needs and elderly people. There were a lot of kids so we did all of our magic routines, played a cool game with a giant ball and used our costumes and puppets. In one of the magic routines, I start by playing with a jump rope by myself, my brother is playing the song “Fragile by Sting on his guitar. I then stop jumping rope and say that I am so sad, I feel like…

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Juvenile Detention Center, Double Presentations, Sao Joao – July 20th

I perform Irish step dance and before I start I show an Xray of my leg which I broke a few years ago. I have a rod and 8 screws in my leg and spent time in a wheel chair. I share how we each have an “X-ray”, we each have scars, some on our body, some on our mind or heart. I then show an Xray of a hand with a nail in it and share how Jesus suffered and bore our pain. He knows what we are going through and can heal us. Afterward I put the X-ray…

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